CALL TO APPLICATION - Averroes Integration of Refugees Program


Submit your policy paper and join a unique experience in Istanbul between 3rd and 6th March 2022. 

Calling young civil society actors with the necessary skills to write concise policy briefs on current issues facing their countries, specifically the economic and social integration of refugees into host communities. 

Per the UNHCR, the process of refugee integration is “...complex and gradual, comprising distinct but inter-related legal, economic, social and cultural dimensions, all of which are important for refugees’ ability to integrate successfully as fully included members of the host society.”

Briefs should focus on one specific problem restricting this integration and a unique, policy-based solution of your own creation to address it. 
The program will take a hybrid form this year- online trainings, online conferences and webinars, and one physical round table in March in Istanbul, Turkey to present final papers. 
This program will:
A-     Equip practitioners working in the field of refugee integration with the skills needed to write policy papers to advocate for policy changes to ensure a more inclusive integration of refugees. 
B-     Feature and highlight innovative initiatives linked to refugee’s integration. 
C-     Engage with decision makers to advance the public discussion on the topic.
To participate, write and submit a policy paper on the topic of the economic and social integration of refugees into host communities. The proper way to submit this policy paper is explained in the User Guide document below.  
User Guide 
Participants who submit this paper will be assigned a mentor who will get in touch with you to coordinate the next steps in the process. 
The User Guide below should take you through the process step by step, but if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out to : contact@arabcr.org 

User Guide